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Located in Mandaluyong City, WeeComm Centre blends in the vibrant city lifestyle of Ortigas and the thriving neighborhood of San Juan offering you the best of both worlds.


It is moments away from key establishments and numerous restaurants, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and retail options giving you elements of experience at every corner.

SM Megamall
S&R Shaw
Mandala Park
The Podium
Town Plaza
Shopping Center
Crowne Plaza

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Distance By Car
Proximity to
Wack Wack Gold and Country Club 1.4km 6min
Greenhills, San Juan Neighborhood 2.9 km 11 min
Ortigas Central Business District 3 km 12 min
Commercial Establishments
S&R Shaw 300 m 3 min
Mandala Park 500 m 6 min
Greenhills Shopping Center 2.4 km 9 min
SM Megamall 2.8 km 9 min
Ortigas Central Business District 3 km 12 min
The Podium 3.3 km 10 min
Shangri-La Plaza 3.5 km 9 min
Crowne Plaza 4 km 12 min
Santolan Town Plaza 4 km 15 min
Robinsons Galleria 4.2 km 13 min
Mandaluyong City Medical Center 1.8 km 6 min
Cardinal Santos Hospital 2.4 km 8 min
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital 3.1 km 10 min
Xavier School 3.4 km 12 min
Immaculate Conception Academy 3.4 km 12 min
De La Salle Greenhills 3.9 km 12 min
Saint Pedro Poveda College 4.5 km 15 min
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